Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Spirit of Prophecy in Intercession

Coming December 21, 2012 the Monthly
School of the Prophets and Prophetic Intercessors
Every 3rd Friday

Verse 5 of John 5 says, “And a certain man was there which had an infirmity thirty and eight years.  This word infirmity is feebleness of body or mind or morale frailty.  And verse 6 says “When Jesus saw him lie and knew that he had been a long time in that case, He said will thou be made whole.  The impotent man answered Sir I have no man when the water is troubled to put me into the pool” …..  I believe that through this ministry we are getting folks in the pool today, getting them their healing today.  Getting them their deliverance today.  We want to create a pool of the anointing, a pool of resources, a pool of the government and the educational system, the financial system and all the systems of our communities coming together in a pool that can get people well and walking on their feet.  One of the church’s jobs is to get the peoples mind renewed.  To pull down some of these strongholds that exalt itself against the knowledge of God and to discern where they are and to begin to eradicate the negative effects of the Babylonian system, dismantle those systems that the enemy has built, and then begin to pray in the Kingdom of God.  God told Jeremiah see I have set you over the nations and over the kingdoms to root up to throw down to pluck up to destroy then you are going to build then you are going to plant.  A lot of times there are some things in the foundations that we have to pull up.  We have to pull some things up, throw some things down and then when we pray we can pray in the Kingdom.  We then begin to establish the Kingdom.  See we know how to build in the realm of the spirit.  We know how to go line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little, there a little building in the realm of the spirit.  When you build in the spirit, you establish some things so now the atmosphere is conducive to salvation.  Now the atmosphere is conducive to the good things of God.  Now the atmosphere has been changed.  If you go in that way, governmental, you build in the realm of the spirit.  I mean that through our prayers we are establishing and decreeing, praying God’s word over it.  We are building in the spirit.  Jesus said upon this rock I will build my church…. the church is not a building.  So how is He building?  He must be building in the spirit.  We are lively stones being built up, we are the church.  We are being built up.  So God wants to build in the spirit.  So when you build in the spirit now you have the structure, now you have the framework to contain the revival, the outpouring of God’s Spirit and now we can see those changes in every area of the community.